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VR in education seeks to enhance traditional teaching methods by providing immersive and experiential learning opportunities. Its use in classrooms helps to engage students, boost retention, and improve conceptual understanding by enabling them to learn actively and explore subjects in a more engaging and interactive manner.
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Science Made Fun: Interactive Learning through Virtual Reality

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.






3D-AR Content For Better Learning

  • Simulations and gamification modules utilize game-like elements and scenarios to engage students in active learning.
  • 3D allows students to go beyond theoretical concepts and
    actually create physical objects. This hands-on approach to learning helps
    students better understand complex concepts and improves retention of
  • It allows students to bring abstract concepts to life by creating physical representations. 

Why VR-AR in Schools?

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Multi-Sensory Experience
Hands-On Learning
Enhanced Engagement

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Being a teacher of math's, Physically explaining things is many time difficult, but with VR it is easy to explain the things practically. And it is demand of next generation.

Teacher (Mathematics) Sri Dasmesh Academy, Anandpur Sahib(Punjab)-India

The Virtual reality is one of the best way to have maximum concentration of the students. So the content used can help students perform much better. Also content seems original and thoughtful.

Teacher (IT) The Punjab Public School, Nabha(Punjab)-India

In todays era of modern technology, AR-VR will serve as a very good educational tool for empowering learning abilities of students & develop interest. It will be beneficial for clarification of subject topics and will develop interest, overcome boredom, enhance student interaction and participation.

Teacher (Science) Sri Dasmesh Academy, Anandpur Sahib(Punjab)-India

The experience was very immersive and interactive with clear instructions and pace of the activity, with learning outcome and assessments.

Principal Delhi World Public School, Moga(Punjab)-India

VR would help in lifelong learning and is the best way to implement experiential learning.

Principal Doon International School, Chandigarh-India

The students will get first hand experience, which will contribute to their experiential learning.

Teacher (Biology) Pinegrove School, Mohali(Punjab)-India

VR will positively impact learning and increase academic achievement, Academically struggling students may perform better with VR. The content was well organized and was able to answer all our questions.

Teacher Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur-India

AR-VR device is a nice technological intervention in today's time of blended learning, it would certainly gives a lively experience to students especially those who are struggling due to some learning gaps. Abstract concepts can be understood well through this technology. Also, it has scope to track student's engagement & participation during the delivery of content.

Preetu Arya-SCERT Delhi Board of School Education

A wonderful experience indeed. Will be highly useful for teaching certain concepts which cannot be accessed concretely.

Kalpana Delhi Board of School Education

VR gives more clearer explanation with 3D visualization. Can overall help the education system to improve learning outcomes.

Mukul Sharma(Data Consultant) NCERT

Amazing beyond the imaginary...

Principal Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur-India

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