Founded in 2018, Phygitech is a leading innovative Learning Solution Company in its segment aiming to empower learners and educators with creatively designed world class rich digital content powered by Learning analytics platform to bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding and enable an experiential learning. We are hustling to help teachers impart quality education.

Enriching Education for greater learning outcomes

At Phygitech for every individual school, we curate the content from our repository to create a specific suite of learning content comprising [3D, 360 Videos, AR/VR modules to enable highly engaging experience for learners while they attend their class or they go on exploring using Self Directed Learning Models [SDLM}.  Both atthe national and international levels we are  managing a collective library of [ over 15000 Modules/Videos/Apps.

Platform Agnostic Content

Phygitech deals in a variety of content and which are mostly platform agnostic. In other words these contents can be accessed on platforms like Windows and Linux, for PC’s and Android for mobile phone and Tablets. These digital contents in the form of videos are compatible to Desktops, laptops and even smart phones and tablets.  This enables easy integration of content on any  platform and in different learning environment.

In post COVID scenario, Remote learning is not just a choice any more.  We have therefore gone ahead to further collaborate with developers of AR, VR content to offer an experiential learning to our students.  Our delivery model is B2B2C thus we sign up with Schools to get students of such schools on board. We at Phygitech can provide rich digital content [videos, worksheet, Question banks etc] that are mapped to NCERT/CBSE/SCERT/State curricula in regional languages and also IB and IGCSE [STEM] to end users through their institutions.

Development Centres

In collaboration with Veative we offer a state-of-the-art Infrastructures to develop new content. The infrastructure for development of content is located in Delhi and Noida.

Partnering with Edtech companies

Phygitech develops custom content for its customers/ partners. We also create content for Edtech Companies who want to acquire 2D, 3D, 360 Videos and AR/VR/MR/XR in white label format in order to widen the reach of rich resources across. There is option of procuring licenses of our exhaustive library as well.


Our team comprises of business leaders with successful track record of having implemented over 60 educational interventions in India that positively impacted lives of over 15 millions, giving our team a deeper understanding about problems at grass-root level and challenges in implementing such interventions. Our development team comprises of highly experienced Instructional designers, 3D modulars, Graphic designers, Programmers, Quality Analysts and subject matter experts , digitizers and on panel SME’s, Translators, V/o artists.